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iPhone guide to infamous New York true crime.
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  • The Preppie Murder: Robert Chambers strangles teenager behind the Met, 1986.
  • Party Monster: Club Kid guru Michael Alig dismembers drug dealer, 1996.
  • Serpico: Whistleblower cop takes a bullet to the face, 1971.
  • The Weather Underground: Dissident student radicals blow up the system, 1970.
  • I Shot Andy Warhol: Pop artist shot by crazy prostitute, 1986.
  • Looking for Mr. Goodbar: Lonely school teacher invites her killer home, 1972.
  • The French Connection: Mobsters smuggle horse from Paris to Brooklyn, 1962.
  • Dead Ringers: Drug addict twin gynecologists die together, 1986.
  • ...and many more!
Sid & Nancy
I Shot Andy Warhol
Party Monster
The French Connection
Looking for Mr. Goodbar
Weather Underground
The Preppie Killer
Studio 54
Dead Ringers
Walking & Stalking, New York
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